November 2, 2019


Consistency is the key, I know. But the word and the real-life interpretation is not as easy as it looks. Look at my blog now, I remember in my previous blog I have several post, though some writings have lots of bad writings, but at-least I have some posts, unlike now. Perhaps I’m being too perfectionist about it.

I don’t know when to start, a lot of things happened since my last blog. But mostly are amazing experiences and lesson learned. I’ll tell you about it per post, but now, I’m trying out typing in this new blog post.

I still live in Bandung, though sometimes I dreamed about seeking big opportunity to make money in Jakarta, but I guess I have to conquer Bandung’s opportunity and put my maximum effort first before going for a more light-weighted nomad.

My next blog post should be talking about me leaving my comfort zone and feel how the world really treats you. Now, as a lone person, you realize, you have to survive. Earning money is not that easy. I know how, but I have to change my attitude, destroy my laziness and remove my procrastinating behavior.


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